Unveiled – Rev. Brad Hales

Pastor Brad Hales is the Director of Renewal Ministries for the NALC and senior pastor at Reformation Lutheran Church in Culpeper, West Virginia. Previously, Pastor Hales served as the chair of the Renewal Team, New Starts Team and Dean of the Virginia Mission District of the North American Lutheran Church. Through the power of Jesus, Pastor Hales has helped to renew several older congregations in discipleship, outreach, and mission. In 2009, his present congregation was given the “Best Practices Award in Senior Adult Ministry” by the National Council on Aging. Pastor Hales has also authored multiple Bible studies and resources, including, A Covenant of Aging, published by Sola Publishing.

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Unveiled – Rev. Phil Gagnon

Pastor Phil Gagnon serves as the Assistant to the Bishop for Domestic Missions and Life-to-Life Discipleship in the North American Lutheran Church. He resides in St. Albert and was pastor of the St. Albert Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, for seventeen and a half years. His first parish was in Golden Valley Lutheran in Viking, Alberta. He is happily married to his most beautiful, patient, and mostly correct about everything wife, Patricia and has three children Elise, Elias, and Sophie, each in their twenties.

He has taught (2013) at the Onesimus Nesib Seminary on the topic of exorcism and the occult in Aira, Ethiopia, and has been involved in a number of situations concerning cults in the past and present. He also taught World Religions and New Religious Groups at Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose, Alberta for nine years.

Pastor Phil was chair of the counter-cult group, Christian Challenge Ministries for three years while he attended The Kings College in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 1989 he has taught seminars on various new religious groups (cults) in Western Canada, California, and Seoul, South Korea. He has also written a book that was well received on evil and exorcism, from a Lutheran perspective, entitled “Deliver Us From Evil.” Pastor Phil participated in an intensive course on the subject in Rome at the Regina Apostolorum April 2015, written other works on new religious groups, including “A Family’s Guide to the Cults: Insights from the Confessions” and a novel entitled, “Where Evil Grows” based upon a true story from his experiences and conversations with a woman involved in a cult group in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Pastor Phil’s hobbies are art and reading, and once upon a time he earned two black belts in Judo and Yoshin Ryu-Jujutsu. He has always been involved in art from an early age from pencil drawings to pen and ink (pointillism) and has in the last few years especially enjoyed watercolour and acrylics. Self taught, he always seeks out opportunities and people to learn from and last year participated in a master watercolour class with Alvaro Castagnet. He paints for the enjoyment and finds rest and peace, found in creating amidst the at times frantic pace of ministry. You’ll find him when he’s able, in his art room at home listening to 80’s music, a sip of Irish whisky at hand and in the rhythm of brush strokes – his “happy place.”

Most recently in the life of the Church, he was Dean of the Canada Mission District for four years, involved in the creation of the constitution of the NALC – Canada Section, and served on the Board of Regents from its inception six years ago.

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Unveiled – Bishop Dan Selbo

Bishop Dan Selbo graduated from San Jose State University in 1982 with a B.A. in Religious Studies, received my Masters of Divinity in 1986 from Luther Seminary, and earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Preaching in 2013, also from Luther Seminary. After serving St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in San Jose for twenty-five years, the Rev. Dr. Dan Selbo was elected at the 2019 NALC Convocation to serve as its next bishop.  Bishop Selbo also enjoys golfing, fishing, working in the yard, and spending time with family and friends. Married for 33 years, he and his wife, Mary, have been blessed with four children and recently, with two grandchildren.

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Unveiled – The Rev. Timothy Lundeen

Rev. Timothy Lundeen serves as pastor for two rural churches, Rindal Lutheran, Viking, MN, and United Lutheran, Gatzke, MN.  Both congregations are in very rural areas of NW Minnesota.  He is a second career pastor who has served two other congregations in NW MN, all of them were in need of recovery.  When he was called to the Rindal Church, they were ready to build and needed the confidence of faith for this to happen.  Today, with winter moving in on them in a hurry, the gathering space is doubling in size.  He focuses on biblical preaching, mission, discipleship, and church growth. Pr. Tim is dual employed, serving as pastor and farm mechanic.  He has been married 42 years to Candyce; they have two grown children and four grandchildren.

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Unveiled – The Rev. Heidi Punt

The Rev. Heidi Punt was born and raised in South Africa. She completed all her formal studies in South Africa, majoring in missiology and New Testament studies at the University of South Africa and the Lutheran House of Studies. Pastor Punt accepted the call to serve in the USA about 20 years ago and began her ministry in Illinois. In 2013, God led her and her family to North Carolina, where she currently serves Union Lutheran Church. Pastor Heidi also serves as a Global Worker with SMI Haiti. As Pastor Heidi embraces her call, she shares: “Mission on the local, national and international level has always been central to my call as pastor. The Great Commission ‘to go into the all world, teach, baptize…’ (Matthew 28) is not just theoretical or theological to me. It is where the rubber hits the road! It is where discipleship and biblical authority becomes tangible and real!”

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Unveiled – The Rev. Melinda Jones

Pastor Melinda Jones serves as pastor of Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Charleston, South Carolina. Along with the joy of ordained ministry to Word and Sacrament, Pastor Jones ministers to her parish neighborhood which is in the most urban, economically challenged area of the “Low Country.” Homelessness, alcoholism, drugs, human trafficking and poverty are some of the scars on those to whom Advent witnesses; Pastor Jones works with the sherrif’s office, the attorney general’s Office, and other local agencies to help bring awareness and the hope of combatting the suffering in this environment. Pastor Jones is secretary of the Executive Council of the North American Lutheran Church, which has afforded her opportunities to visit many NALC congregations. For the past nine years, she led and taught annual women’s retreats in Rincon, Georgia, for Lutheran congregations in the NALC, LCMC and ELCA. Pastor Jones and her husband (Jim) of twenty-nine years live in Summerville, SC along with their two teenage sons (Jade and Vasa).

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Unveiled – The Rev. Dr. Scott Ness

The Rev. Dr. Scott Ness serves as the senior pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, GA. A graduate of Wittenberg University, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, and most recently received his doctorate of ministry from Portland Seminary (formerly George Fox) in Portland, Oregon.  He loves stories and finding ways to use ordinary, everyday life to point to our amazing God. He strives to see with eyes of faith. He fails consistently. Through it all, God remains faithful and full of grace. Pastor Scott has also traveled with the NALC’s Theologians Without Borders to Denmark and Ethiopia.  When Pastor Scott isn’t running around the church he is often found at home with his wife, Deanna, and their six children.

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Unveiled – Ms. Jacqui El Toro

Jacqui El Torro serves as the Chair of the Women of the NALC and the Mission Team Leader. Jacqui also serves on the long-range planning team for NALC Lutheran Week.   She is a member of A New Thing Christian Church in Lithonia, Georgia.  Previous to her time in the NALC, she held various positions in her former church on congregational, synodical & churchwide levels. Jacqui is married with two adult children, one adult grandchild, four grand-dogs & one grand-cat. 

“The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng.” (Psalms 68:11 NIV) May Grace and Favor be your constant companions.

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Unveiled – The Rev. Dr. Eric Waters

The Rev. Dr. Eric Waters serves as the senior pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Boerne, Texas. Pastor Eric shares that it is his wife who prayed him into the Kingdom. He is a graduate of Dartmouth has a Master of Divinity from Yale and received a Doctorate of Ministry from Luther Seminary in Biblical preaching. Originally from New York, he and his amazing wife, Michelle, and six children are now blessed to call Texas, home.

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