Unveiled – The Rev. Melinda Jones

Pastor Melinda Jones serves as pastor of Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Charleston, South Carolina. Along with the joy of ordained ministry to Word and Sacrament, Pastor Jones ministers to her parish neighborhood which is in the most urban, economically challenged area of the “Low Country.” Homelessness, alcoholism, drugs, human trafficking and poverty are some of the scars on those to whom Advent witnesses; Pastor Jones works with the sherrif’s office, the attorney general’s Office, and other local agencies to help bring awareness and the hope of combatting the suffering in this environment. Pastor Jones is secretary of the Executive Council of the North American Lutheran Church, which has afforded her opportunities to visit many NALC congregations. For the past nine years, she led and taught annual women’s retreats in Rincon, Georgia, for Lutheran congregations in the NALC, LCMC and ELCA. Pastor Jones and her husband (Jim) of twenty-nine years live in Summerville, SC along with their two teenage sons (Jade and Vasa).

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