Mission Driven – Panzo Family Update

Update of Arrival in the DRC

We arrived in the DRC in January at Ndjili airport/Kinshasa. The trip was so long, as we had a layover of 7 hours at the Brussels Airport due to connection. A COVID-19 test was required before boarding the airplane from Brussels to Kinshasa. In Kinshasa, we arrived late at night and were required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours from the day of the original result.  Unfortunately, we were forced to redo another test at the airport at the cost of $45 per person. We were blessed with negative results. Outside of the airport, we met with a CELCCO delegation that received us and escorted us to the hotel, where we prayed together to give thanks to God. After two days of rest in Kinshasa, we continued our trip by car and arrived in Boma on January 12, 2021.

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The Launch of Celebrating Global Mission

Interested in missions? A new digital magazine is on the way, featuring content from Mission Agency Partners in this venture.

The heart of CGM will be the partner Lutheran global mission agencies that are faithfully and diligently at work taking the Gospel to the nations. These CGM partner agencies will submit articles on a regular rotation about what the Lord is doing through their ministry. Currently, Awakening Lives for World Mission, World Mission Prayer LeagueFriends of Madagascar Mission, and Lutheran Bible Translators have joined as founding Global Mission Agencies. Others will follow over time. 

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of CGM (Celebrating Global Mission) on May 1st! To access this publication or to learn more, please visit: www.cgmmag.com.

Life Together – The Classic Exploration of Christian Community

The Great Commission Society’s Mission Connectors team is about encouraging congregations and mission districts to make relational mission connections. The vision of the NALC that every congregation is in relationship with at least one local, one domestic, and one global mission partnership. Our team helps by preparing mission-focused resources and training, being available to coach leaders and teams, and by calling every mission district and mission region, at least once a year. The purpose of these calls is to pray with the leaders, to hear how the Holy Spirit is moving in their district, and to encourage them as they serve God’s kingdom.  

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