Congregations May Nominate Candidates for NALC Bishop

Congregations of the North American Lutheran Church have the opportunity to nominate pastors for the office of Bishop of the NALC.

According to the NALC Constitution, congregations are the primary source of nominees for Bishop. Congregations are encouraged to begin the process of discernment of who they might nominate for Bishop. Any NALC pastor may be nominated.  Continue reading “Congregations May Nominate Candidates for NALC Bishop”

Bed Brigade Update

Our focus hasn’t changed… providing for people’s very tangible need for beds, while coming alongside them and offering hope and faith in Jesus.  We continue to send our delivery teams into the homes of the families in need.  This is exactly what sets us apart and gives us a unique opportunity to impact families for Christ.  Your service, donations and prayers allow us to continue to do that more and more.   Continue reading “Bed Brigade Update”