Unveiled – What To Expect

Prior To The Conference –

  • Make sure you have a Zoom Account. Don’t have one? It’s free to sign up – go to Zoom.us
  • If you plan to use your smartphone or tablet to view the event, make sure to download the Zoom app from Google Play or Apple Store
    • New to Zoom and having trouble downloading? Check the security settings on your device
    • This is using Zoom Webinar – so you won’t be seen or heard (unless you join the coffee hour afterward)

To Connect To The Conference –

  • On the day of the conference, go to your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Open your email account and find your eventbrite registration confirmation
  • Click on the red button with white writing that says “go to online event page.”
  • (NOTE – if someone else registered you for this conference or registered on your behalf, there is a chance when you click on this button, it will ask you to log in to your Eventbrite account. Enter your log in details or choose the option to “create” a free account.)
  • It will automatically open the page. Click where it says “Join Now” and it will automatically open the event.
  • If you test this prior to the event, instead of “Join Now” it will tell you how many days until the event starts.
  • We will have pre-event announcements scrolling between 5-15 minutes before the event starts if you would like to arrive early.
  • The same process will work for you to view the event each day at any time slot. Simply repeat the process to join any session you wish.
  • Make sure to watch the chat box during the webinar for opportunities to interact with people across the NALC and additional resources!
  • If you are asked for an additional password, please use: 730794
  • When joining the digital coffee hour after the event or during the event, if it tells you your password is incorrect, don’t worry! That happens and is a regular glitch. Simply try copying and pasting again or typing it in manually.


  • Prior to the event? Email: [email protected]
  • During the event? Having trouble with tech? Watch the video above to troubleshoot problems. If that doesn’t help, call or text 614-992-2528. We will have 5-10 people staffing the phone bank to assist. If you don’t reach us, PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL with a call back number. You will receive a return call very quickly.

4 Replies to “Unveiled – What To Expect”

  1. I tried numerous time this morning. I would get to the page where it asked for my email. I then would get an email. When I went into the email, it instructed to click on “Activate Account ” but when I clicked nothing happened.

    1. We are so sorry for the trouble, and that we are only first seeing this now. We hope you were able to connect with the tech help line? Or one of the follow up emails….? If not, please contact: [email protected]

  2. Greetings,
    I signed up for unveiled general mission + Bonus content.I knew that I wouldn’t be able to watch in real time because of my work schedule. I was hoping to view the speakers at my convenience, but have yet been able to figure out how to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Good evening! We are so sorry for the trouble, and that we are only first seeing this now. We hope you were able to connect with the tech help line? Or one of the follow up emails that had links to access the videos….? Wondering if perhaps they went to spam/junk? If not, please contact: [email protected]

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