Unveiled – The Rev. Timothy Lundeen

Rev. Timothy Lundeen serves as pastor for two rural churches, Rindal Lutheran, Viking, MN, and United Lutheran, Gatzke, MN.  Both congregations are in very rural areas of NW Minnesota.  He is a second career pastor who has served two other congregations in NW MN, all of them were in need of recovery.  When he was called to the Rindal Church, they were ready to build and needed the confidence of faith for this to happen.  Today, with winter moving in on them in a hurry, the gathering space is doubling in size.  He focuses on biblical preaching, mission, discipleship, and church growth. Pr. Tim is dual employed, serving as pastor and farm mechanic.  He has been married 42 years to Candyce; they have two grown children and four grandchildren.

For additional information, please connect to: https://bit.ly/GCS-Unveiled

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