Introducing Pastor Valery Hryhoryk – NALC Global Worker in Belarus


Christian Evangelism remains illegal within the borders of Belarus. Yet, the hearts of the faithful within Belarus Lutheran Missionary Fellowship (BLMF) — and our East European Mission Network (EEMN) partner in ministry — and Pastor Valery Hryhoryk continue to strive forward in building the Body of Christ. Continue reading “Introducing Pastor Valery Hryhoryk – NALC Global Worker in Belarus”

Lutheran Lay Renewal – Spot the Spirit



Saturday, October 7, 2017, 9:30 – 3:00
North American Lutheran Seminary/Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA

This workshop was designed and will be led by Lutheran Lay Renewal Board Member, the Rev. David Luecke, Ph.D., pastor, psychologist and author. Pastor Luecke is the missions pastor of a large Lutheran church in the Cleveland area, where he has served for twenty-five years. He had an earlier career teaching organizational behavior in business schools and church management at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has long been interested in practical questions about how the Holy Spirit motivates and changes believers and congregations today. There will be four teaching sessions, with each followed by small group discussion.

The four sessions of teaching and small group discussion are:

1. Spotting the Spirit at Work in your Life

2. Receiving the Spirit’s Gifts and Fruit

3. Growing in Closeness to God

4. Building Up the Fellowship of the Spirit

For more information:  Spot the Spirit.