The Priesthood of All Believers Gets Practical

In a day and age where it’s difficult to get people involved because of our busy schedules and theirs…  We want to help people connect to use their God-given talents and gifts.  It’s not just about another thing on the “to-do” list, but inviting people into the mission field.  We have good news!  There are tools that make it a lot easier!  Yes, it is easier to just do it yourself sometimes, but we are not called to be the lonely voice crying for help, out in the desert.  We are called into the Body of Christ.  We are grateful to all of those who have passed along their wonderful ideas and practical knowledge, and so having used it ourselves, we pass it along to you.

Tools in a Digital World

Ecamm Live for Facebook – Facebook Live has changed a generation and put the ability to broadcast at our fingertips.  The challenge?  Using a smart phone can be limiting.  What if you could transform your computer into the same tool?  The only downside?  This is only for Apple Products.  It also has a one-time fee (after the free trial) of $30.  Abundant tutorials are available, but to connect to the program – Ecamm Live.

Adobe Spark – would you like to make professional images to use on Instagram, PowerPoint, bulletin covers, blog images, Facebook event covers, and more?  This free program specializes in providing amazing templates, free images, allowing you to use your own images, and bringing graphic design to your fingertips.  Canva is still a great option, but this new app allows us to up our game!  You can purchase a subscription or simply remove the watermark from each design for free.  Search your app store or use the web version by clicking here: Adobe Spark.

Planning Center Online – a great tool for church staff and worship leaders.  It’s à-la-cart options range from simply being an organized system for worship music  and outlines, to automatically creating Powerpoint slides, to organizing volunteers and more!  It’s a life changing tool and saves hours each week – for more information:  Planning Center Online.

Airtable – an online collaborative resource.  This incredible resource organizes data in real time by creating organizational databases, forms, and more.  We use this tool to share Drops From the Well, for Mission Grant Applications, Candidacy, and the Mission Finder, to name a few.  It could be used for VBS registration, tracking supplies, and a host of other creative relational databases.  The best news?  It’s free!  For more information, please visit:  Airtable.

Trello –  a cloud based management system.  What does that mean?  Working with teams, it can be challenging to keep tasks, deadlines, and information organized.  This free app and web-based service helps you make sure that nothing slips through the cracks!  It also has a new plug-in to Office 365 (Microsoft Office) – so you can send an email straight to any to do list or project!  Don’t miss out – Trello.

Remind is a free text messaging app that also functions on the web.  Make sure your team, staff, or congregation never misses out on important information and updates.  To sign up today –

Boomerang – ever need to send email while you’re on vacation?  Or forget to follow up on projects, when people don’t respond to your initial email?  Boomerang connects to Gmail and Office365 and allows you to schedule email to be sent or follow up reminders.  Visit Microsoft Office for this add-on or: Boomerang for Gmail.

Repost – tired of taking screenshots of pictures you like on Instagram or want to repost a great image and pass on what others are doing?  This app ties together with Instagram to make your life easier!  Visit the app store on your smart phone or Repost App.

Cloud Storage – Whatever the resource – iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive – cloud space storage makes all the difference in the world.  If you’re not familiar, drop one of the above phrases in your search bar and enjoy another free resource!


Looking for more help?  Please let us know if you would like to connect to a social media consultant or web design specialist.  Thank you for being willing to speak into the digital age, connecting with the language and culture, meeting them where they are at!

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