Panzo Family Update


The leadership of the Confessional Lutheran Church of the Democratic Republic of the Congo gathered to evaluate the work of the church, including the relationship they are developing with us as global workers.  The meeting was focused on how the NALC, WMPL, and the Confessional Lutheran Church of the DRC can strengthen their relationship for effective ministry. The Rev. Pierre Keya Masuangi, the Bishop of the Congolese Church, acknowledged our presence as workers and commented on the positive impact we are having on church development. The theological training facility and the women’s empowerment program were at the center of our conversation. Serafina was given full responsibility to train, lead, and empower women of the church, and I was appointed as an acting Dean of the Lutheran Theological Facility. Please continue to pray for the leadership of this church.


Mrs. Melanie was a dedicated church woman, mother of four, who lived a rough life with her husband, who was a policeman.  Her husband beat her many times and considered her his slave. Tradition required Mrs. Melanie to be obedient to her husband and did not allow her to break their relationship. Three weeks ago, Mrs. Melanie was beaten by her husband, ended up hitting an electrical wire and died. Her husband didn’t accept that his wife’s death was his fault, but rather alleged that she was electrocuted. Since he is a policeman, no action was taken against him, and he continues to be free.  This type of situation is a big challenge for us. We have begun training churches, community leaders, and families on how to protect the vulnerable and be the voice for the voiceless.


Serafina led a seminar about violence prevention in a vulnerable community of Boma. The seminar was organized by a local church, Dove Community Evangelical. The seminar was well attended by church and community members. The participants were impressed by what they learned and requested the continuation of this kind of training.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray against domestic violence in the DRC
  • Pray for God’s provision for the repair of our vehicle following an accident
  • Pray for the provision of God to fulfill ministry needs
  • Pray for protection and safety as a political conflict is arising in the DRC


For more information or to support the Panzo Family in mission, please visit:  The Great Commission Society.

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  1. Praise God for Serafina’s persistence and courage in the face of certain opposition. Only forty years ago, our women’s ministry in rural Minnesota enraged some other church groups for speaking out against domestic violence. Satan does not want change in mid-America or the Congo. But God’s Truth must go forth.

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