Resources on the Topic of Prayer

Please enjoy these resources on the topic of prayer, originally published in the 2018 Lutheran Week Booklet:

Never Stop Praying

Video resource from Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba on Colossians 4 (originally broadcast live by at Hjallerup Bible Camp in Denmark, July 2017):

Creative Prayer Resources

Originally inspired by creative prayer stations at past Mission Festivals, a collective formed to share these resources for free. To connect, please visit:

Prayer Calendar

Keith Strohm writes in Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples: “Intercessory prayer disrupts the ‘infrastructure’ of the enemy, by which I mean it weakens and destroys the network of lies, fear, intimidation, and confusion — the tools and strategies
used by Satan to keep persons and situations away from God’s peace, clarity, and redeeming love.” Wrestling in prayer for our Ministry Partners, Recognized Ministries,Global Workers, and GCS Partners, we invite you to integrate this digital calendarinto your own! Each day of the month you will be given a name of an individual serving on the front lines to pray for. Additional information can be found by clicking on their website to receive updates about mission, ministry, and specific prayerneeds.

This calendar subscription will integrate into your current digital calendar: Google Calendar, Outlook (Office 365), iCal, etc. To access this calendar? Paste this calendar subscription link into your calendar of choice: with how to add a calendar subscription? Please feel free to access the following tutorials:

  • Adding an iCal feed to an Apple Calendar:
  • Adding an iCal feed to a Google Calendar:
  • Adding an iCal feed to Microsoft Office:

Additional Resources from the Renewal Team


• The Small Catechism by Martin Luther
• Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by Tim Keller
• Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard Foster
• The Renewed Mind by Larry Christenson
• Praying the Prayers of the Bible by James Banks
• Healing by Francis McNutt
• Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie
• The Power to Heal by Francis McNutt
• Daring to Draw Near: People in Prayer by John White
• Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Francis McNutt
• On Prayer by E.M. Bounds
• The Centered Life by Jack Fortin
• A Powerful Joy by Joseph K. Acton
• How To Pray for Spiritual Growth by Theodore E. Dobson
• The Secret to Abundant Living by Herb Miller (• Psalms

Prayer Rhythms

  • Faith5 – The steps include: 1) Share; 2) Read; 3) Talk; 4) Pray; 5) Bless. For more information on the Faith5, go to
  • Lectio Divina – The steps are: 1) Lectio – reading; 2) Meditatio – reflection; 3) Oratio – response; 4) Contemplatio – rest.
  • Luther’s version – Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio.
  • ACTS – Adore; Confess; Thank; Supplication
  • SOAP Bible Study method
  • Drops From the Well and Drops in Focus – See resource list for more information. Use the “Drop” each week to:
    • Turn the “drop” into your prayer.
    • Write the “drop” on a notecard and keep it in your pocket so that when youtouch it, the “drop” is brought to the forefront of your mind.
    • Set the alarm on your phone to ring at a 4:14 PM ET each day (a referenceto the general theme verse of John 4:14). When the alarm goes off, read the week’s “drop” again, as the entire NALC gathers to read Scripture and pray together at the same time every day. (Or choose a Bible verse and corresponding time for your congregation and Mission District.)
  • Navigators’ Resources on Prayer (
  • Pray As You Go – An online guided Taizé service on your phone that includes music, Scripture, reflection, questions and prayer. Available on Google Play, the App Store or online at

Prayer Ministry

We encourage congregations and/or Mission Districts to have a prayer ministry. Wewanted to share two examples:

  1. A New Thing Christian Church in Lithonia, Georgia. Each day, they gather via conference call at 12:00 pm ET for a devotion and time of prayer. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to join, please feel free to dial in! Dial1-641-715-3680 and enter code 816322 when prompted.
  2. The town of Midlothian, Texas, has a wonderful prayer movement that has transformed their community. NALC pastors, Joel and Wendy Berthelsen share that for 18 years Christian communities have come together weekly, led by
    Rev. Edsel and Beverly Dureus, to pray with associated people at a local school,business, government entity or church. They gather in Midlothian every Friday night from 10 to midnight. If you are interested in learning more or joining them, please contact Pastor Wendy Berthelsen at [email protected].

We will be featuring other types of prayer ministries throughout the fall. To share about the work in your congregation or Mission District, please send a message to [email protected]

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