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Prayer. It’s our opportunity to communicate with the living God. Whether this communication is done by speaking, listening, writing, drawing, focusing on Holy Scripture or just being open to the Lord’s presence, it’s a gift that can be done at any time or any place. God’s Word tells us that Jesus frequently went off to a quiet place to pray. When the disciples asked Jesus about prayer, he taught them the foundation of the Lord’s Prayer. Even Martin Luther taught his own barber, Peter, a simple way to pray.

Whether done individually or corporately, prayer is our access to the Triune God.Christ himself compels us to pray for all our needs, with the assurance of our intercessions being heard and responded to. Even when we don’t know how to pray, Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit will intercede on our behalf as our prayers rise as incense before the Almighty.

Simply, we’re called to pray for everything! Pray first, and always! We’re called to pray for our enemies and those who are sick. We’re called to pray for our governmental leaders and the spreading of the Gospel. We’re called to pray for the casting out
of demons and for God’s will to be done. We’re called to pray for boldness through God’s Spirit and for faith. We’re called to pray for strength and protection, and tobe thankful for all of God’s blessings in our lives. And, according to God’s Word, we are called to pray for the central aspect of ministry in Christ’s Church, and that is MISSION.

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