Mission Driven – Update

In these days where we have sheltered in place, we have been called for a season to remain behind closed doors for the love of our neighbor. We dearly miss the opportunity to gather face to face and to have the gift of a building we can regularly use. It has been a profound challenge not to gather face to face in this season. It has renewed our gratitude for the abundance with which we have been blessed and strengthened our prayer for the persecuted church around the world, for whom this is the norm.

As we enter this Resurrection season, we read how the disciples were challenged. After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there was doubt and extreme fear. And the disciples of Jesus had a good reason to be afraid; the Messiah had just been crucified. But Jesus broke into the room where the disciples were gathered and spoke the words: “Peace be with you!” In this Resurrection season, Jesus breaks into our homes, our fear, our anxiety, our sickness, and our death. He says, “Peace be with you!” He rescues and redeems us. And we rejoice that the Word of God is not chained!

This year, as we take a unique journey to Pentecost, we would like to offer our leaders and fellow followers of Jesus an opportunity to make the most of the opportunities and blessings that have been given to us in these days.

Join us in the Word, in fasting, and in prayer, as we eagerly await the celebration of Pentecost again!

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