Hope For The Older Adult

Life has changed greatly during the COVID-19 crisis, but there is one specific group which has borne the brunt of this devastation, and that is older adults. From the onset, the aging were warned to stay in place, since they were more susceptible to the virus. While this mandate was prudent, for many seniors this was a hard pill to swallow — especially for those who are used to going out, doing things and socializing with friends.

The maturation process is a journey to begin with, so the threat of disease and forced quarantine can cause other issues to surface as there is much time to dwell on the negative. But even during this unprecedented time, the senior can have hope and encouragement in the Lord.

And that is what Pastor Brad Hales’ Hope for the Older Adult is all about. Hope for the Older Adult is a short Bible study on issues seniors are currently navigating and how God’s Word can bring strength and comfort in the unknown. The effects of aging can be seen physically, mentally and spiritually. But they don’t have to define who we are or how others see us. We cling to God’s promises for the aging, and the Lord’s guarantee that He will never “leave nor forsake us.” Jesus is our enduring Savior. Whatever our age, He has promised us “life, life abundantly” in His name.

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