Mission Driven – Bed Brigade

Bed Brigade has had a fine quarter! We built and delivered approximately 140 beds after receiving mattresses from OSU, Miami U, and Cedarville Bible College. Of course, in addition to a mattress and hand-built bed frame, each received sheets and a blanket, a pillow, a stuffed animal, and an age-appropriate Bible or Bible story. We prayed with their families, and we left them with a hand-knit prayer cloth that the ladies at St. John’s Lutheran Church have made for them.

Additionally, we have resumed in-home bed assembly. Our volunteers enjoy developing a relationship with the families we serve, and in-home assembly facilitates that. As most are aware, lumber costs are rising, but God has blessed our ministry, and we continue to serve faithfully. We pray for those prices to reduce and are thankful that we serve a generous God. As you join us in prayer, we are also in need of a reliable delivery vehicle. We have enjoyed the use of a Chevy Suburban for many years, and it is no longer available.

To learn more about Bed Brigade or to partner with them in ministry, please visit: https://thenalc.org/partners/bed-brigade-grove-city/

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