Mission Driven – Oromo Evangelical Church Houston

We at the Oromo Evangelical Church thank all of you who have so generously and freely given us encouragement, moral support, physical support, prayers, and financial support for the past ten years. This has allowed us to grow tenfold since we began our affiliation with the North American Lutheran Church. We are now in a new chapter of our development as a church devoted to the worship of Jesus Christ.  

We have just purchased 1.88 acres of land to build our first church building, by the grace of God, allowing us to be closer to those whom we serve. We are so thankful for all that you have contributed, so we can accomplish our goal of going forth to make disciples of Christ to all people. As we enter in the journey to increase our membership, outreach, and presence as a church committed to Jesus, we acknowledge that without your support we could have never reached the point of development we reached at this juncture. We have been blessed with our relationship with you and treasure it always.  

We now are faced with new challenges as we must pay the remaining amount within two years. But we feel confident that with God’s grace we can succeed with this very ambitious program committed to discipleship for the sake of Jesus Christ. Our motto is “NOT FINISHED, JUST BEGUN IN 2021”.

To learn more or partner with Oromo Evangelical Church in Houston, please visit: https://thenalc.org/partners/oromo-evangelical-church-houston/

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