Youth Surge 2021 – CLBI

While this year has been unique to say the least, we are happy to announce that YOUTH SURGE 2021 IS A GO!

We know that there aren’t too many opportunities for youth to come together these days, so here is an opportunity for you to encourage them to be a part of something amazing! We would love, love, love to have the youth from your community attend!

Now you’re probably thinking: “What will Youth Surge 2021 look like?”

To answer your question:

– It will be exclusively an online event (through Zoom)

– As usual, it will be mostly led by CLBI students.

– The theme is “Z”, which will focus on Generation Z and where they find their identity.

– There will be group sessions, discussion groups, and fun activities to take part in.

– It is also 100% FREE!!! (That’s right, it costs $0, so what more reason do you need to attend???)

– Youth can register at

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