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NALC Ministry Partner India Transformed Shares This Critical Update


Perhaps by this time you have heard of the flooding which is occurring in Kerala, India, due to weeks of relentless rains. By the first week of August all the rivers and reservoirs were overflowing. “Kerala is facing its worst flood in 100 years. 80 dams have opened, and 324 lives lost. There are approximately 223,139 people in about 1500+ relief camps,” read a tweet from the Chief Minister’s Office. The heavy floods caused untold damage to crops and destroyed properties worth over two billion dollars. Thousands are missing, and millions are stranded and stuck in their water-logged homes unable to escape. People have lost all their belongings, documents and precious possessions. Many have escaped with their lives to a relief camp but over half a million are displaced. Many hospitals are dealing with a surge of arriving patients but they have become waterlogged, forcing many patients to be transferred to other medical facilities. We had lost contact for a week with one of our own church planters, fearing he perished, until we finally heard from him in a frail and battered voice.


Our ministry partner in India has identified the critical need for clean drinking water, food and clothing. And to that end, our ministry seeks, with the Lord’s provision, to help 100 families of those stricken by the flood by providing water filters for clean drinking water, two meals a day and clothing.  It is estimated that this provision for 100 people for 15 days will cost approximately $13,500.00.  Please consider donating to this effort so that we might be able to assist those who are serving God’s kingdom in the flood ravaged area of Kerala.  Please join with us in praying for relief from the rain and God’s provision for His church during this disaster that they might always be a witness of His grace.

And, of course, your special tax-deductible donation toward this goal will literally save the lives and ease the suffering of our fellow men, women and children in this crisis.  For additional information (or for those who are interested in donating), please visit: www.indiatransformed.org.   Please select the Humanitarian Aid and Relief fund and add “Kerala Relief” in the note field.  Thank you for your prayers and for your support for this need.

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