The Panzo Family on Mission

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.

We are excited to announce a future partnership with our mission in the DRC.  

After visiting cities and small towns in the Kongo Central Province, we found that eye diseases are becoming a serious issue. One of the small towns called Kuakua may have over fifty blind individuals and that number continues to increase. The cities of Boma and Tshela are facing the same problem.

After last year’s visit from World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) General Director, Paul Gossman and our colleague Gloria, in Kenya, we planned to conduct eye camps in September of this year. These camps will help assess and treat at least 6,000 people in three cities (Boma, Kuakua and Tshela). Sister Gloria will bring another colleague from Kenya and we will use DRC medical doctors, ophthalmologists, nurses and selected members of the church to form the team that will run the eye camps. Around the same time, we will have a visit from Dr. William Obaga, WMPL’s associate director for Africa. He will be teaching for about two weeks in September at the Lutheran Theological College and will hold a seminar for pastors of the CELCCO. Please pray that visas will be granted to William, Gloria and her colleague from Kenya. Pray for the three week long eye camps, for logistics and God’s provision.

Place for Students

The CELCCO (Community of Confessional Lutheran Church in Congo) vowed to train its own pastors theologically to fulfil God’s calling for a local, regional and international renewal. To make that possible, both quality instruction and a good living environment are required. Now a dormitory is being build that will house over 50 students, males and females. Hold the financial needs for this project in your prayers. Pray also for the volunteers from the church who will be building the facility, that they may have strength and courage and will not retreat from their commitment.

CELCCO Regional Gathering

In preparation for the CELCCO Assembly and the election of a new bishop and president of the Church, the Kongo Central Region gathered in Boma to reflect on procedures and regulations for the next head of the church. I was invited to serve as a guest speaker to talk about the church being led by the Holy Spirit and the unity of the saints. We afforded four principles (The Meaning of the Church, The Meaning of the People of God, The Meaning of the Body of Christ and The Meaning of the Temple of the Holy Spirit). The church must walk through the four principles to progress as a church guided by the Holy Spirit. The teaching was well accepted by all participants and they vowed to lead the church through these principles. May we all bless the Lord.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28 NIV

Community Update

Jonathan is a father of five children and supports his household only through farming. He provides an income for his family and his children go to school. Jonathan shared that farming is no longer beneficial because the land has become too dry and will not produce good crops. The only alternative is to climb palms trees to produce palm oil for income. Many farmers, especially young people, leave the village and settle in the urban city to search for a better life but, for Jonathan, God is in control. As it is written in the Bible “come to me,” Jonathan believes that God will continue to provide for his needs and his family will not starve. Support Jonathan in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

– Pray for our orphan children who are taking exams to finish high school.

– Pray for the church assembly that will be held July 22-28.

– Pray for the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s new government, especially that they might help improve the lives of those in the DRC.

– Pray also for those afflicted by disease — that peace may prevail and healthcare workers may be allowed to do their work.

– Pray for Didi and Serafina — for strength and provision and that they may be kept safe from sickness.

-Pray for the training in September, visas, logistics, and God’s provision.

Pastor Didi Panzo is an NALC Global Worker in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To learn more about the Panzo family or to partner with them in ministry, please visit

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