The Academy – July 2018

The NALC is committed to the renewal of all our congregations, working to develop and deliver resources that challenge and open the NALC to the work of the Holy Spirit in our ministry and mission. Each month we will be hosting a free webinar based on expressed needs by NALC Leaders, for NALC Leaders.  

The month of July features the topic:  “Ministry and Relationships.”  Building relationships is a key component to ministry.  Whether through formal visitation, understanding the needs of your community, getting the opportunity to know your neighbors, building relationships within your congregation so their needs are known, or the plethora of opportunities to be involved with existing programs and ministries in your community, relationships are key to renewal, revival, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  After all, you can’t have “Life-to-Life” Discipleship without relationships!  Taking the time to build relationships inside and outside your congregation also helps to promote health and ward off potential miscommunications and unnecessary conflict.  While it sounds like common sense, with the busy schedules of today or the constant tug of challenges we face as a culture, it can be easy for the urgent to crowd out the important. If we are honest, relationships take time, work, and can be messy.  This month’s session of the Academy addresses a host of questions and challenges articulated by our leaders.  Please take the time to join us  on July 3rd at 11:00 am EST and also consider sharing some of your creative ideas, stories, questions, and words of encouragement as we journey together following Jesus!


Pastor Brad Hales is the Director of Domestic Mission and the senior pastor at Reformation Lutheran Church in Culpeper, West Virginia.  Previously, Pastor Hales served as the chair of the Renewal Team, New Starts Team, and Dean of the Virginia Mission District of the North American Lutheran Church. Through the power of Jesus, Pastor Hales has helped to renew several older congregations in discipleship, outreach and mission. In 2009, his present congregation was given the “Best Practices Award in Senior Adult Ministry” by the National Council on Aging. Pastor Hales has also authored multiple Bible studies and resources, including, “A Covenant of Aging,” published by Sola Publishing.  



Join us Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 11:00 am EST.  To register or for more information, please visit:  The Academy: Ministry And Relationships.

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