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The NALC is committed to the renewal of all our congregations, working to develop and deliver resources that challenge and open the NALC to the work of the Holy Spirit in our ministry and mission. The NALC Renewal Team continues to host The Academy. In the past, several sessions were hosted around the use of technology and digital resources. We wanted to continue to make that available, with a few “best practice” updates.

1.) Making connections with people is most important.  Jesus told us to “GO” out into all nations to make disciples.  As it turns out, we are experiencing a new nation to make disciples in.  Focus on making those connections, and not the technology that is being used.  Chances are you already have a smartphone or camera on your computer or mobile device.  Get familiar with the interface (Youtube or Facebook Live) and begin after your regular prep.  Your people will love to be connected with you in this new community!

2.) We should always know who we are speaking to.  Identify your audience and say what the particular session is about.  “Hey, this is Pastor Tony, this session is part two of our confirmation series about the small catechism for 7th and 8th graders.”  Or – “This is Pastor Tony, and welcome to our mid-week Bible study on the Gospel of John.”  This will help people navigate your virtual options. Of course using a good title on your post will help a bunch!  Ask yourself if this is for a certain audience or for the public.  

3.) Use the options that you already have!  You can stream or record and upload with your smartphone, iPad, computer camera, and other devices.  I’m big on using FREE options.  So, Facebook Live and Youtube Live are my favorites.  You really can get started with just a tad of planning in addition to your regular preparations.

4.) Copy-write and legal stuff.  Currently Onelicence and others have opened up for free licenses while we are in this current season.  You MUST sign up for them and make sure you have the streaming options before you stream music, pictures, movies etc.  PLEASE READ the details of those licenses before you start to stream to make sure you are doing things properly.

5.) Start small and grow!   You might want to start with a 5 minutes devotion at first then work your way up to a larger worship service.  This will also build your confidence!  

6.) START!  Now that you have thought through everything, you just need to begin!  Take a quick look at your camera angles (no one wants to look up your nose), make sure your lighting is good, and start!  You will be great and a blessing to many!

What if technology could be another tool in the bag that helps with Life to Life Discipleship? The second most requested topic! We often hear questions like: “How do I create a PowerPoint?” “Do I need a license for that?” Pastor Tony Ede also shared other random tools in a digital world that can be helpful for every day life. (Originally broadcast June 5, 2018.)

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