Panzo Family in Mission

God’s Miracle Among Children

Now we are working with vulnerable children who have faced abuse within the family. These girls were rescued by a local group.   We work with this group to train their team about child protection and train children to know their rights and ways to prevent abuse that may occur. The children are so bright and engaged in praise, prayer and worship. We had a chance to host them in our compound and praise God together. The goal of all of this is to make Christ known to them, that they may grow as believers and servants of Christ.

Death of Mr. Albert Kionga

Mr. Albert Kionga was the founder of OSDHAD, an organization that helps people with disabilities and their families. OSDHAD is a partner to CCDN as we work together in strengthening these families during times of crisis. Mr. Kionga was sick with a terminal disease and passed away two weeks ago. Please pray for Mr. Kionga’s family and the staff of OSDHAD.

Updates from the DRC

The DRC life is so tough and challenging, but the grace of God is sufficient for us. As we are approaching the end of our second year, many things have already been accomplished and the Word of God is advancing. The greatest challenge is the economic situation of the country and the number of people living below the poverty line. The other challenge that the country faces is unrest and strikes, in most parts of the country, asking the president to resign.

Social situations are huge, lots of children being sexually abused, women are facing domestic violence, and robbery and murder are everywhere. Our capacity for attending to these demands is very limited. Please pray for this.

We are so grateful for your spirit of supporting us financially and in prayer. We acknowledge your support and together we are advancing the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Requests

– Pray for the children of God in my life

– Pray for the political situation in the DRC

– Pray for our mission work and ministry fund

– Pray for our security and safety

– Pray for Mr. Albert Kionga’s wife


For more information or to support the Panzo Family in mission sent by the World Mission Prayer League, please visit:  The Great Commission Society.

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