NALC Launches Podcast

Throughout 2019, our five national mission teams have worked hard to meet the articulated needs of our mission districts, congregations and leaders. 

Through a monthly webinar series called The Academy, we have found
a light-weight and effective vehicle to deliver some of these much-needed resources. 

This fall, please join the New Starts and Renewal teams, as we take the next steps in this vision and dive headlong into Acts 2:42-47. Based on  Bishop John Bradosky’s presentation on baptism and discipleship at the Ohio Mission Region gathering, each month we will be focusing on a different portion of Acts 2. 

During the first week of each month, The Academy will introduce the main topic. During each subsequent week, the Rev. Trina Petersen will be hosting Ignite.  Focused on discipleship and mission, Ignite will connect with congregations and leaders in a series of interviews, bringing words of encouragement, and reflections on the key portion of Acts 2 assigned to the month.  

Content is currently available on the North American Lutheran Church’s Podcast channel. Join us as we continue the journey together!

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The Academy

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Visit your preferred Podcast host and search for “North American Lutheran Church” or click here: Apple, Google Play, or Spotify. For those who do not use these services, connect directly to the NALC website at:

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