Malawi Orphan Care Project – Mission Driven Update

Malawi Orphan Care Project (MOCP) partners with Kanyenyeva Ministries (KM), a Malawian NGO to help feed and educate orphans in Malawi. MOCP also assists KM to start businesses in Malawi which financially support the feeding program and education. One of the businesses, Kanyenyeva Wala, a registered Days for Girls enterprise, enables the women of the village to sew and sell washable, reusable sanitary kits using the Days for Girls copyrighted patterns and logo. These kits are available for the school aged girls who are registered at Kanyenyeva and are also given to the women who work within the project.

DFG kits are truly life-changing for the school-aged girls who receive them. “Days for Girls” literally refers to “School Days for Girls”. Currently, girls who menstruate without access to sanitary supplies are forced to skip school. They subsequently fall behind in their studies and are often forced to drop out of school and then into a forced under-aged marriage.

Recently, all the Days for Girls initiatives in Malawi formed a cohort to work with the First Lady of the country. She has a Foundation that she launched some weeks ago and she specifically arranged to work with Days for Girls in Malawi to provide training and materials to girls. Yamikani Chikoti, the manager of the orphan project, was part of a team that went to train and provide materials at Chief Teleza Kachindamoto’s area as part of the initiative. Chief Kachindamoto works to educate girls and has ended over 2,600 under-aged and forced marriages in her area.

Kanyenyeva Wala has also been in touch with Days for Girls in South Africa and is one of the pillars and contact points for the South Africa office.

Malawi Orphan Care Project (MOCP) is a recognized ministry of the North American Lutheran Church.  To learn more or partner with them in ministry:

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