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Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute (LCBI) is a Lutheran high school in Outlook, Saskatchewan whose  hundred- year motto: “We Would See Jesus”. LCBI’s holistic academics and campus life programs come down to three goals in growing the whole student: Excellent Learning, Personal Faith, and Caring Relationships.

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The LCBI Robotics Program helps students learn to think like engineers. Teams design, build, and code robots to compete in a team-team alliance format. Robots are built from a reusable platform, powered by Android technology, and can be coded using a variety of Java-based programming. In any sport, we use our minds — our creativity, imagination, and critical thinking — as much as we use our muscles. Our robotics program represents the potential to add robotics to traditional sport. Robotics is a sport where every student can go pro.

In every game we play, we set out to make ourselves a collaborative teammate, a respected competitor, and a stronger person. In this year’s challenge called ULTIMATE GOAL, teams will develop strategy and build robots based on advanced engineering principles to compete in tournaments, building 21st century life skills and earning achievements for their robot design, community outreach, and other team accomplishments.  (editorial comment not for publication: other picture here or where fits best in formatting)

So far each team has constructed and programmed a base robot that moves remotely. The next phase is to add specific components and associated programming to execute this year’s challenge which is to pick up 5” rubber rings from random locations and either place them or launch them into shelf-like goals. This emulates automated warehousing and gaming ideas. While COVID creates stalls in all high schools programs, our students continue to seek out strategy and components while we pause on meeting together.

In order to cover the costs of hosting two teams at LCBI, this year’s challenge is presented by Qualcomm and grant support comes from the collectives sponsors; AGEGS, Innovate SK, Fining Canada, Boeing, GM and John Deere. Many thanks to a local supporter, Home Hardware, for an equipment donation!

Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute (LCBI) is a recognized ministry of the North American Lutheran Church.  To learn more or partner with them in ministry:

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