Christ Is Lord Mission Update – Jamaica


We set up speakers so that the service is heard outside our building. The neighbors seem to sit in their verandahs and listen to it.

The public works department worked on laying pipes on the road in front of the mission. They did not do the repair properly so rainwater from the road started flooding the yard (see photos) making even entering the mission building difficult. We had to build a barrier so that water from the road will not enter the yard (cost JMD $35,000 or USD $290).

The roof started to develop cracks which allowed the water to leak into the mission quarter. Mold started to build up. A repair was done to recast or cast over a 3” floor all over the roof (see roof picture). It involved chipping the concrete, removing the mold that built up and setting the new layer of concrete (so far material JMD $65,000 and labor JMD $120,000 or USD $541 and $1000 respectively).

The parish government wanted a new survey and new application for the building, but we already had the permit. The agent who worked on it had told us that the addition behind the mission would be ok using the old permit. However, the parish government did not agree. So now the fee for the agent is USD $1200 and the survey is USD $500.

Thus, we owe $1541. Please pray and let God lead you to help us. We are grateful for the help you have given us in the past.

Pastor Salome has been really busy getting the repairs done. Recently she shared that one of the water tanks (1000 gallon, the largest one) is empty and we must buy water. The tank must be moved to do repairs. We built, rather set, a tank (600 gallons) on the ground to catch rainwater. However, water needs to be pumped up to the roof tank. We have a pump, but need electric wiring. We are working on it. Meanwhile, we must buy the water.

Pr. Salome is visiting people. As usual, they all promise to come including the workers, but only some show up.

We are trying to start a small food pantry. We are also trying to register students for the Bible school/seminary. A couple pastors have expressed interest in coming to Jamaica to teach Lutheran identity and church history. We are also thinking about using the DVD set by Dr. Nestingen to introduce Lutheran theology.

Pastor Salome just returned from our mission in Jamaica. She supervised the building of the church which is partially finished. She also started regular Sunday worship service (which is continuing to be led by the assistant minister Guthrie) and a Wednesday evening showing of Christian films to children. One of the major need is clothes and shoes for children from ages 1-13. Christ is Lord Ministries, NALC will appreciate donations of such clothes. Please let us know by email [email protected].


Written by Pastor Divaker Pathak, Christ is Lord Ministries.  For more information or to partner with Christ is Lord Ministries, please visit:  The Great Commission Society.

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