Youth and Family Ministry Webinar



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  1. Hello
    I came across this notice about the webinar that occurred on February 13th. Is the webinar archived?
    Eva Janckila
    American Lutheran Church, Prescott AZ

    1. Thanks so much for asking! Our webinars can be found under the “GoodNews! Media page.” Because of some recent technical problems, it is taking us a little bit of extra time to get February’s webinars posted.

      Some extra info? Gary breaks down each of the webinars into individual clips as they relate to all of the topics and resources. Each congregation of the NALC was provided with a free copy of each of the two books and access to full membership of hundreds of resources on the youth and family ministry website. If you know who the person in your congregation is that serves as the contact person, you can connect with them? If you don’t have a contact person for your congregation, feel free to contact Gary directly, and he will get you connected with everything you need. The website is: and his email address is: faithwebbing(at)

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