Unveiled – The Rev. Paul Krueger

The Rev. Dr. Paul Krueger serves as the senior development officer for the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, a recognized ministry of The North American Lutheran Church. With a passion for making the Good News of Jesus Christ known and equipping the people of God, Pastor Krueger has extensive experience as a trainer with Tent Makers, disaster response, and congregational ministry. Prior to his call to serve with the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, Pastor Krueger served two different congregations – most recently, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Minot, North Dakota, where he celebrated serving 30 years in ministry. Pastor Krueger received a Master’s of Divinity in Systematic Theology from Concordia Theological Seminary and, in recent years, completed a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in Missional Leadership.

For additional information, please connect to: https://bit.ly/GCS-Unveiled

2 Replies to “Unveiled – The Rev. Paul Krueger”

  1. Nice meeting you in the Quality Inn breakfast room a few moments ago. Great chat about your work and your wonderful people and the kids who grow up productively and fuller and happier as a result.
    We all owe you a debt of kindness …for sure
    (I think I ll go back to this website and drop a buck or two into your general fund

    Take care

    Frank Mitchell
    Columbus OH

  2. Dear Dr. Krueger, I was sorry that was unable to attend the Bible study at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Twin Falls, Idaho, yesterday following your comments in the first service. My interest was piqued when I heard you say that child sex trafficking is rampant in the United States. While I am aware that this horrific crime exists, I would like to know the source of information that led you to use the word rampant to describe the scope of the problem. I will continue to pray for all vulnerable children in the world and pray for your mission through the Boys and Girls Ranch.
    In Christ,
    Lorri Hazen

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