Unveiled – Rev. Dean Rostad

The Rev. Dean Rostad serves as the president of the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute.

He is a west coast boy from Chilliwack BC. He was raised in a loving Christian home by parents who have a heart for Jesus. His parents modeled their faith through dedicated service at their church (Christ Lutheran). God used Camp Luther in Mission BC to vitalize his faith and form his heart for ministry. It was there where he started to recognize a call to ministry and was introduced to CLBI.

After attending CLBI (1990-92), Pastor Dean was privileged to serve as Youth Director at Messiah Lutheran Camrose (1992-95), Program Director at Camp Luther (1996-2002), Director of Communications and Leadership Program at CLBI (2002-2006), and Pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Camrose (2006-2017).

Pastor Den trained at CLBI (BTS), ACTS Seminary (MA), and at the Lutheran Brethren Seminary through which he received his Ordination.

Pastor Dean has been married for 22 years. His family includes his wife, Kim (also a CLBI alumnus), two sons (Luke and James), two daughters (Sonja and Julia), and two dogs (Duke and Daisy).

Pastor Dean’s history with CLBI is lengthy and has included his son Luke, graduating from CLBI this past April and includes his wife’s grandmother attending CLBI in 1932 (its first year).

Pastor Dean loves outdoor activities such as canoeing, all types of skiing, and cycling. He sold his car a while back and bikes year-round. There is nothing that makes him feel more alive than biking with studded tires and ski goggles in a -25 snowstorm.

For additional information, please connect to: https://bit.ly/GCS-Unveiled

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