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The Restored & Repaired Church Roof

On April 14th, 2018, the city of Boma was hit by a strong wind storm that took down a lot of houses. The Confessional Lutheran Church also was affected: the wind tore off the entire roof. From April 14th until Sunday, May 27th we worshiped without a roof — under the rain for some Sundays and under the hot sun for others. We lost half of our membership because people were afraid of rain and sun. It was a period of lamentation and sorrow. As the news about the roof spread, God answered the prayer of his children. A donation came from one of our church supporters, as well as the ministry fund from WMPL, to cover the roof repair needs. By Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, the roof repair was complete and we were able to worship the Lord on Sunday, the 3rd of June with the roof covered and the church packed as usual. Thanks to God for his steadfastness in responding to the prayer of the saints.

Man Praises God For Changes In His Family Living

Tito Senga is a farmer under our counseling and coaching. He has been living a hard life and wasn’t able to provide for his family. Since his wife was complaining about what the family was going through, he came to our program for counseling about stress management. He explained some details about his family life. We asked questions about what was going on at home. He acknowledged his responsibility to take care of his family, but said that he lacked the financial resources to provide for them. He said he didn’t know what to do or where to find seeds to plant for quick crops. We provided seeds to him through our program. After four months of harvesting food, he made some good improvements in increasing his harvest. He shared, “I am a useful father now and well respected by my family,” and commented that God still performs miracle even now. They were able to produce a lot of onions, rice, and beans for family living, as well as some to sell. The family doesn’t argue anymore, instead – together  – they praise God’s name.

Blessings from God

The Confessional Lutheran Church in the Central Congo is eager to train a new generation for pastoral work. They have opened a theological school where I am teaching Counseling, Holistic Mission, and Leadership in the Bible. The church doesn’t have enough financial resources to build classrooms that are appropriate for school use. But through your generous donations, we were able to contribute to the paving of three classrooms and plastering the interior walls. Before, the theological students were using dusted rooms. Now, they are happy that they are studying in a clean environment amid buildings that are well-fixed. Thanks for all your support that makes these things possible, and blessed be the name of our Lord.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for a peaceful upcoming election in the DRC
• Continue to pray for the farmers, that their harvest would continue to increase
• Praise God for the church roof repair
• Pray for God’s provision for the mission
• Pray for our ongoing safety

For more information or to become partners with the Panzo Family, please visit:  The Great Commission Society.

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