The Academy – November 2019

Continuing to take the next steps in the vision Bishop Bradosky laid out for Life-To-Life Discipleship and mission, we dive headlong into Acts 2:42-47. The month of November focuses on the second key point found in Acts 2:42. “As the disciples shared fellowship with Jesus and one another, they led the church to do the same. Their fellowship was focused on sharing meals together and praying together. Is this still an intentional focus in our congregations? With the ability to find “community” in a variety of places in our culture, what gift does the church still have to give? Do we have real relationships inside our congregations or only a surface-level friendship? How does this connect with Life-To-Life Discipleship?

Hosted by Pastor Tony Ede, this month’s presenters include Pastor Trina Petersen, Kari Hilpert, and Pastor Henry Graf.

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