Global Worker Update – Belarus

Dear brothers and sisters, greetings in the name of the Lord! Fall has come! This year, September is very warm. We thank the Lord for the beautiful weather and sunshine! This is somewhat unusual. I do not remember such warm weather in the fall. Autumn is a time of harvest and this year has been very fruitful. There are a lot of apples on the apple trees and people are calling this year an “Apple Year!”  Well, the Lord has been good to us and below is a report of the good spiritual harvest! Continue reading “Global Worker Update – Belarus”

Introducing Pastor Valery Hryhoryk – NALC Global Worker in Belarus


Christian Evangelism remains illegal within the borders of Belarus. Yet, the hearts of the faithful within Belarus Lutheran Missionary Fellowship (BLMF) — and our East European Mission Network (EEMN) partner in ministry — and Pastor Valery Hryhoryk continue to strive forward in building the Body of Christ. Continue reading “Introducing Pastor Valery Hryhoryk – NALC Global Worker in Belarus”