Mission Driven – Panzo Family Update

Update of Arrival in the DRC

We arrived in the DRC in January at Ndjili airport/Kinshasa. The trip was so long, as we had a layover of 7 hours at the Brussels Airport due to connection. A COVID-19 test was required before boarding the airplane from Brussels to Kinshasa. In Kinshasa, we arrived late at night and were required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours from the day of the original result.  Unfortunately, we were forced to redo another test at the airport at the cost of $45 per person. We were blessed with negative results. Outside of the airport, we met with a CELCCO delegation that received us and escorted us to the hotel, where we prayed together to give thanks to God. After two days of rest in Kinshasa, we continued our trip by car and arrived in Boma on January 12, 2021.

Contacts With The Church Leadership

After 21 days of rest and quarantine, we resumed our mission’s work in contacting the church leadership team for updates and information about the church life and the dilemma faced during this time of Covid-19. Despite being over nine months without worshiping together and wondering how pastors survived during the pandemic, the church is in good spirits. They appreciated the collaboration with the WMPL and the NALC to back them up with financial support during the crisis caused by COVID-19. 

Consecration of Deacons for Mission Advancement 

The church leaders invited us to participate in the consecration of ten deacons who are called to serve in evangelism and mission for church expansion. These servants will serve in different areas of mission for church planting and mobilization. The CELCCO is experiencing significant growth in the Province of Kongo Central. I was asked to preach that Sunday.  We read in the book of Matthew 25:14-30 – “The Parable of the Talents” as I exhorted church members and those who were consecrated to produce more in the vineyard for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Jesus often packaged spiritual truths and lessons of faith into short, relatable narratives known as parables. These stories were his way of explaining the attributes of God and instructions for godly living, in accessible human terms. The day was celebrated with choirs from different districts of Tshela, and the name of God was praised.

Opening of Academic Year 20-21

Thirty-six students are enrolled in this academic year. After launching the opening, the faculty started with enthusiasm as the students showed their dedication in following the instruction of the faculty and also promised to succeed until graduation. The only difficulty that the school is facing is incentivizing professors in this time that the school is facing financially. We will continue to pray and ask God for provision that may sustain the school operation.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the orphans who are in our care for and for the loss of one of their peers.
  • Pray for CELCCO leaders as they prepare for the Bishop’s installation: for wisdom and finance that will help support the event that is planned for September 12, 2021.
  • Pray for the Theological School for protection against COVID-19 during this academic year and also pray that God may provide for the administrative needs.
  • Pray for us as we are working in obtaining our permanent visas before the temporary expire.
  • Pray for the DRC government as they are striving economically and people are suffering so much.

Pastor Didi Panzo is an NALC Global Worker, serving with WMPL,  in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To learn more about the Panzo family or to partner with them in ministry, please visit thenalc.org/pastor-didi-panzo

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