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Proclaiming Jesus Amid the Noise: Living Our Calling in the World of Social Media

If you’re tired of the same old thing, we are too. We’re tired of ho-hum church and mediocre lives of faith. We don’t think youth are the “next gen” of the church…youth are the now generation. We’re tired of basically telling youth to wait until they’re older before they can really be movers and shakers in the church. More and more youth are not coming back when they’re older.

We want transformation. Transformation of the church…of the world…of human lives. We think this world needs followers of Jesus whose lives actually stand apart, whose vision of humanity is defined by Jesus. We think the local church needs pastors and leaders who break the mold to create communities that transform daily life into something divine.

​Our vision is to be the lab, the formation factory, for a new wave of Christian public witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ – whether pastors, leaders in full-time non-pastoral ministry, or innovative Christian witnesses in the medical world, the business world, in athletics, academia, the home, and the marketplace.

​YOU can be one of them. Right now.

Join young leaders from across the NALC from July 12 – 17, 2020. Summer 2020’s theme is Hope Over Fear. We will be digging deep into the Old and New Testaments to focus on owning our radical hope in Christ and applying it to our lives.  

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