NALC Disaster Relief – Spiritual Care

While the storms have passed, there is much more to do, both in terms of clean-up and assistance as well as in the long-term care of those most impacted by the hurricane. Immediate spiritual care (Bibles and prayer) are part of the clean-up process. But the grief and loss for many is substantial and will need a much longer time of healing with someone intentionally caring for the longer period.

To that end, Linda Brower (wife of Pr. Kris Brower, St. Matthew, Sandy Hill-Brenham), an authorized Stephen Ministry trainer, hosted this long-term care-giving training webinar on September 29, 2017, for those interested and willing to providing the longer term spiritual caregiving to persons impacted by this monumental weather event. A recording for this webinar is now available to serve as an ongoing resource.  For more information, please also see Christian Caregiving: A Way of Life.  To connect with Linda directly, please feel free to email her at:  [email protected]

To download handouts from this webinar – please visit:  Webinar Handouts & Information.


* For additional information on NALC Disaster Relief and other updates, please visit:  NALC Disaster Response.

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