NALC Advent Life Devotional

The North American Lutheran Church will have a new Advent devotional available for 2018, beginning Sunday, December 2nd.  Each daily devotion from NALC Life Ministries includes a few verses from the lectionary for the day, a reflection, a brief prayer, and an Advent Action.  Join us in journeying through this time of Advent together.

  • To receive a daily text message, please text “@nalcadvent” to 614-682-8693
  • To receive a daily email, please visit: and complete the brief request.
  • Follow the NALC on Facebook.
  • Visit the NALC Website daily.

2 Replies to “NALC Advent Life Devotional”

    1. I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience. This year the devotional will not be provided in booklet form. It will be provided daily, and there is the possibility to print it from there. Unfortunately, it won’t be able to be provided in advance, but can be accessed using any of the methods above.

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