Moments of Mission – EEMN

As this series of Moments of Mission comes to a close, Lutheran Week begins.

NALC Ministry Partner East European Missions Network (EEMN) and Pastor David Briedenbach share the joys and challenges of our brothers and sisters across Eastern Europe. Life under communism and the present are very different times. It is a joy to be able to speak the Name of Jesus. But our brothers and sisters share that there is a deep challenge that the church faces, with so generations having been spiritual orphans. “Oftentimes, they preach a funny gospel or they don’t preach any gospel at all. The church – we have a call from God. To teach people and live out our faith …There are many children without parents. But there are more children who don’t know Jesus as their Savior. And I think with God’s help, we can fix that. With his Holy Spirit, we can try and reach out and bring them salvation.”

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