Moment of Mission – Acts 1:8 Service

This week’s Moment of Mission story shares the vision of youth who continue to coordinate local mission opportunities. Students at St. John’s Lutheran Church Grove City work to coordinate all aspects of the “Bike Project” that partners with a local agency named Buckeye Ranch. More than just a Christmas gift for other kids, these bikes are also used in therapy as tools to help bring healing. These students are helping meet the needs of the community in the Name of Jesus and continuing to share the Gospel through not just their words, but in hands-on and tangible ways. Not just youth ministry, but “youth doing ministry.”

The NALC vision calls for every congregation, small or large, to have an active, intentional relationship supporting a local community ministry, one of the NALC mission congregations in North America, and one global mission. Interested in sharing the ways that your congregation is connecting locally? Whether blog posts, newsletter articles, pictures, or videos – to share, please visit: Mission Connect Submission.

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