Mission Driven – Bed Brigade

Bed Brigade Grove City is a service ministry partnering with St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to provide much-needed beds and the hope of Jesus to the Columbus, Ohio area. 

This quarter, Bed Brigade has built 140 beds. Each bed delivered represents a life changed. For example, this is Joseph and Miss Ella.  Joseph’s family suffered a house fire and he was SO pleased to receive a bed of his own.  Miss Ella was trying to help her brother find freedom from addiction, and was able to take him in because we built a bed. 

Please join the team in prayer that each of their new friends would realize that God loves them even more than they do. Pray that they would connect with local churches that would help guide them in their walk. Pray that God’s kingdom would be advanced through the team’s effort and prayer. 

To partner or learn more about this ministry, please visit: https://thenalc.org/partners/bed-brigade-grove-city/.

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