Ministry Partner Update – India Transformed

We have something to celebrate in 2018.  Yes, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of India Transformed!  Yes, we are celebrating the Lord’s blessings on our church planter training centers, which are sending men and women across India with the life transforming message of the Good News.  Yes, we are celebrating the Talitha Cumi and New Life Children’s ministries which strengthen families and provide people with the knowledge of the gospel and life skills they need to experience the abundant goodness of the Lord.  Yes, we are celebrating those gifts, but most importantly, we are celebrating you.  You are a gift to India Transformed!  Your prayers and your financial gifts are the vital support our ministry needs to continue bringing hope to those who have given up on hope.  We celebrate your compassion and your vision to see the importance of this time.  With the increase of persecution in India and the increasingly complicated and rapidly changing political context, the door appears to be closing on freedom to share the Good News in India. We celebrate and give you thanks for your continued support.

Recently, when the Board of Directors of India Transformed met and heard Brother John Peter describe the increased persecution of Christians in India, we were greatly saddened. He encouraged us, in the face of persecution, to be bold and trust in God’s provision.  In that meeting, John Peter laid out his vision for expanding the reach of the Good News in India. His 20/20 plan called for the development of 58 new church planter training centers across India.  From a human perspective, the goal seems unreachable.   However, through faith, and a great deal of sacrifice, the goal can be reached.

Your gifts are making a tremendous impact of the lives of people in India.

Todd Jones, President

For additional information or to connect, please visit:  The Great Commission Society.

India Transformed! 30th Anniversary Ministry Statistics


Community Transformation Centers

  • 2017: 930,000 People reached with Jesus’ Gospel
  • 1988-2018: 73 Million People reached with Jesus’ Gospel
  • 2017: 170 Churches Planted
  • 1988-2018: 1256 Churches Planted

Talitha Cumi Women’s Program

  • 2017: 83 Graduates, 100+ Home Businesses Gifted
  • 2002-2018: 1437 Graduates

New Life for Children’s Program

  • 2017: 650+ Sponsored Children, 750+ United International School Students
  • 1988-2018: 5,000 Families Empowered


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