LWR Farmers Market Coffee

Starting this summer, Lutherans in the U.S. will be able to purchase LWR Farmers Market Coffee – a delicious line of coffee sourced directly from farmers involved in Lutheran World Relief (LWR) projects. LWR is producing this line of coffee in partnership with THRIVE Farmers – a coffee roaster that shares our passion for helping farmers lift themselves out of poverty, become self-sufficient and be better able to support their families.

Through their purchases, Lutherans will also be supporting and strengthening the work of Lutheran World Relief. For every pound of coffee purchased, THRIVE Farmers Coffee will donate 80 cents back to LWR to continue reaching out to the rural poor around the world.

Just as a local farmers market creates a closer connection to the people who grow our food, LWR Farmers Market will create a closer connection to coffee farmers, and the many ways Lutherans reach out to them through Lutheran World Relief.

Gustavo Herrera of Nicaragua is one of the farmers whose beans go into the first round of LWR Farmers Market Coffee. Gustavo is proud of the crop he raises, but not just because of its quality. “I am proud that coffee allows me to support my children,” says Gustavo. And not just his children, but Gustavo has been a leader in his community for establishing a school for all children. Asked about the opportunity to share his coffee with the same Lutherans who supported projects in his community, Gustavo says, “That will be really beautiful to feel like we know you.”

You and your congregation will get to know Gustavo, other farmers and their families through LWR Farmers Market. There are opportunities for you and your congregation to serve, sell LWR Farmers Market coffee and share the story of what Lutherans are doing around the world as they put their faith in Christ into action for the sake of the poor. Visit lwr.org/coffee to learn more. Pre-orders begin on June 1st at lwrfarmersmarket.org, with the coffee delivering and in stock beginning in August.


Written by Chandler Carriker                                                                                       Lutheran World Relief; Associate Director of Outreach & Engagement

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