Lutheran Week – Burn Out: How To Avoid It & Tools To Assist

The NALC is committed to the renewal of all our congregations, working to develop and deliver resources that challenge and open the NALC to the work of the Holy Spirit in our ministry and mission.  During Lutheran Week in Denver, the Mission Festival is designed to inspire and serve as a resource to congregations. This includes specific “break out” sessions on a variety of topics.  Pastor Brad Hales is excited to present the topic: “Burn Out: How To Avoid It & Tools To Assist.”

Pastors and lay leaders who experience disasters, are community members, leaders with deeply caring hearts. They are stuck in the quagmire of lost homes (sometimes their own), significantly damaged worship centers, parishioners whose homes are beyond repair, jobs and livelihoods are lost because many businesses are destroyed, and massive financial stress for the entire community. To say that pastors spend months feeling significantly overwhelmed is likely an understatement.  But there are other disasters pastors struggle to resolve. To list a few: death of spouse or family member, chemical dependency, moral failure, personal financial stress, personal or family illness, diminishing volunteers in their congregation(s), divorce, and chronic illness of a family member to name a few. In both of these kinds of disasters, pastors experience spiritual, mental, physical and social exhaustion. They feel lost, inadequate and even hopeless. A crisis of faith may even ensue. There is no purple heart for burnout.  Join Pastor Jim Palan as he provides a safe place to discuss tools that can be of assistance as followers of Jesus.


Pastor Jim Palan is enjoying his retirement by continuing to care for his family, as well as planting a church in Alabama.  Having served as a parish pastor, assistant to the bishop, and in a variety of other capacities, Pastor Jim is passionate about the Gospel in the context of relationships.  Originally graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, Pastor Jim then received his M.Div. from Luther Theological Seminary and continued his education at North Dakota State with an advanced degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. In his “retirement,” Pastor Jim is also choosing to focus his time, energy, and gifts on working to prevent burnout amongst leadership in the church.


 For more information about schedules, hotel information, or to register today for Lutheran Week – please visit:  2018 Lutheran Week.  For additional information about other breakouts and presenters, please visit:  2018 Mission Festival.

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