LAMP – Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots


By Danielle Frederickson

Many of you probably have heard of LAMP.  After all, we’ve been around almost 50 years.  But do you know what our ministry is about?

The Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP) exists to reach out to children and communities in northern Canada. Being so isolated, many of these communities do not have churches, must less regular Christian leadership or education.  Our volunteers and staff work to change that.

We truly believe that every child deserves the chance to hear about Christ’s love and forgiveness. That is why we hold Vacation Bible Schools for children during the summer and promote year-round contact between volunteers and northern community members.

You may also have heard the phrase “to educate and delight.”  The indigenous children we teach are filled with energy. Also, they are not used to sitting in church. So, we reach out to them with crafts, games, music, skits, puppet shows, and whatever else can reinforce the Bible lessons we explore each day of a week-long VBS. It’s demanding work, but our volunteers are dedicated to telling the kids that they have been created by God, are loved by Him, and can accept his gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

From my experience in northern Manitoba, the best times are the quiet times.  When a child gives you a hug it is a precious sign of trust.  When a little one asks, “Why would Jesus die for me?” you know that you are making an impact.  When children come back to see you in the evening, after class is done for the day, you know that you are a source of joy to them.  These children want your attention, they want to feel loved, and they need to know about God’s love, which is ever so much more important. That is what LAMP is about.

For more information or to learn how you can support LAMP – please visit:  The Great Commission Society.

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  1. Did you close your office in Brookfield WI? I tried to send a smallish donation to
    you and it came back as unable to forward, temporarily away???
    Women of Emmaus, Eugene OR, L. Nicklin, Treasurer

    1. Hi Loretta- I’m sorry, my guess is that LAMP doesn’t regularly view our website. I have their phone number listed as: 586-749-3990; 800-307-4036, ext 2 if you would like to contact them directly? Their email address is: – hope this helps?

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