LAMP – A Mission Driven Update

LAMP’s volunteers and staff from Canada and the United States share the love of Jesus to indigenous people in communities in remote northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia through Christ-centered Bible studies and other outreach projects.

LAMP’s outreach programs include:

  • Leading Vacation Bible Schools and Christ-centered sports camps to children and youth and offering Bible study programs for adults during the summer months
  • Conducting many different forms of ministry on a daily basis while on site — most importantly, establishing and growing relationships with those they have contact with
  • Providing continuing ministry through technology such as Facebook, Skype and email
  • Visiting various communities throughout the year as time, resources and weather allows
  • Providing special events such as women’s retreats
  • Praying regularly for the indigenous people in general and for specific needs as they become known

For more information or to partner in ministry, please visit:

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