Introducing Pastor Valery Hryhoryk – NALC Global Worker in Belarus


Christian Evangelism remains illegal within the borders of Belarus. Yet, the hearts of the faithful within Belarus Lutheran Missionary Fellowship (BLMF) — and our East European Mission Network (EEMN) partner in ministry — and Pastor Valery Hryhoryk continue to strive forward in building the Body of Christ.

Only state-registered congregations are allowed to gather in their officially registered building for worship and Bible study. Furthermore, only registered members of the congregation may participate, otherwise fines and imprisonment may result due to their “illegal” activity.

The congregation that meets in Pastor
Hryhork’s garage remains illegal because
their applications for official registration
have been refused four times in a row. Despite these significant challenges, Pastor Hryhoryk and his co-workers in ministry are making a real impact in Belarus.

They have been able to successfully share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through music evangelism that shares biblical truths on life and relationships. They are also regularly invited to participate in official state celebrations to share their brand of popular music with a “positive message.”

BLMF also regularly hosts “jam sessions” for youth, where they can gather for fellowship and also engage in conversations about “spiritual things” that eventually lead to an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ.

Because of the anti-evangelism laws, EEMN has been unable to host English Bible Camps in Belarus. This is why EEMN is especially excited to announce that we hosted students from Belarus to participate in our 2017 English Bible Camp in Latvia. The possibility for this opportunity is a direct result of our expanding network of ministry partners working together to strengthen each other’s ministries.

The EEMN-brokered relationship that has recently formed between Pastor Hryhoryk and Pastor Raimonds Mezins, St. Gregors Christian Missions Center Director in Saldus, Latvia, led to this cooperative language camp effort, along with our seeking invitations from Daina Zandberga, Striki School Director, and Indra Rassa, Saldus Region Mayor.

For more information or to partner with Pastor Valery and EEMN today, please visit: NALC & EEMN Global Worker.

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