Important Update From the Panzo Family

Praise to God our Father, The Redeemer of our Lives.

We write to you today, thankful for the blessing that you are in Christ Jesus our Lord.  And we pray that you would consider the great need that we lay before you.

As you might have heard a month ago, the city of Boma was hit by a strong wind storm. The storm damaged over a thousand houses in the town. Some of the houses were totally destroyed, and some are now without a roof.  The roof of the Lutheran church sanctuary was completely destroyed. We now worship in the open air, exposed to the elements.   We are grateful that no one was hurt at the church, but many families were scattered, and others passed away.

We ask that you would please continue to pray for the people of Boma, as they are mourning the loss of their homes and trying to rebuild.  Also pray for the Director of the Confessional Lutheran Church, as they are finding ways to rebuild the roof of the sanctuary. They do not have other places where they may worship, in either the case of rain, or of extreme sun and heat.

We write today, asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in mission and ministry, and to pray that God would move in the hearts of those who are being called to partner in this ministry.

We are serving in a place that is quite dangerous and supporting people who are forgotten by their own leaders and the rest of the world.  Before the most recent storm, we were at a critical place.  But when a people who have very little are decimated by such an event as this, people begin to live even deeper into the mindset of scarcity, and not out of God’s abundance who we find in Christ Jesus our Lord.

May God bless you as you pray for the needy.

The Rev. Dr. Diedone Panzo


For more information, to connect, or partner with the Panzo Family, please visit: The Great Commission Society.

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