Haitian Pastors Are Making Disciples

A group of disciples from Living Water Lutheran Church in Centerville, Ohio, recently returned from their fifth mission trip to Haiti. In addition to supporting the discipleship efforts of 12 local pastors, the group was able to extend God’s love to children at the Guitton School, orphans of the 2010 earthquake residing at a Bon Repos Children’s Home, and dozens of families in several local communities.

NALC Bishop John Bradosky led a two-day workshop for local pastors on the
theme of discipleship and also partnered with a local pastor during
Sunday worship by delivering a message on spiritual maturity. Working with local pastors and supporting them on an ongoing basis is the key to having a lasting impact given the relatively short-term nature of most mission trips.

Living Water partners with Sundouloi Ministries (SMI Haiti), whose name comes from the Greek word “sundoulos” which means “fellow servant.” SMI has been in Guitton, Haiti, over 20 years and has seen the Word of God significantly grow in influence in many local communities.

Three years ago, there was no church in the village of Nanwoch. Hundreds now attend worship each week and special events draw upwards of 500 people. One year ago, there were no Christians in the village of Kamitan. Now there is a temporary church structure where 60 people gather for worship on a weekly basis.

The church in the village of Guitton recently moved from a tent to a permanent structure as did a congregation of 1,000 disciples at Cepres. None of this would be possible without the leadership of local Haitian pastors who proclaim the Word of God, provide Christian education, and build networks of caring Christian disciples who care for the wider community. It is in support of these efforts that Living Water supports the efforts of several local pastors in building-up the body of Christ.

The Living Water congregation and friends of the congregation most recently supported their mission team by raising more than $10,000 which will be used to purchase food for students and orphans throughout the remainder of the calendar year.

Additionally, the congregation supports many efforts of the Haiti mission team through the church’s annual mission budget including: supplies for a prenatal clinic, shoes and clothes for 25 orphans on the island of LaGonave, 20 student scholarships at the Guitton school, various construction projects, after-school activities, and many other local church ministries.

By supporting local Haitian pastors, and by working with a visionary mission partner in SMI Haiti, and with the prayers of many people, Living Water is able to be obedient to the command of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28. A team is already looking ahead to a return trip to Haiti in early 2017.

If you are interested in working with the people of Haiti and would like to develop your own mission trip we would be willing to help you get started and walk with you throughout that process. Contact Dennis McDaniel of Living Water Lutheran Church ([email protected], 937-609-4648) or Kit Brunson of SMI Haiti ([email protected], 317-496- 4622).



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