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The NALC is Mission Driven – We believe that the mission of the Church is to preach the Gospel and to make disciples for Christ. We believe that making disciples — in our congregations, in our communities and nations, and around the world — must be a priority of the Church in the present age.

As stories, blog posts, tweets, and photos appear across social media this summer – it has been difficult to keep up!  Our congregations and members have been engaged in short term mission trips, Vacation Bible School for children and adults, and preaching the Gospel in Word and Deed.  It’s been said that: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Join us for the next week as we share in a celebration of being “Mission Driven” with pictures from across the NALC.

Follow NALC Mission Driven on Instagram – our handle is @NALCMission but if you aren’t “on” Instagram, you can still view images from across the NALC by clicking here:  NALC Mission on Instagram .

Would you or your congregation like to share pictures?  If you’re on Instagram – send them as a direct message to us.  If you aren’t on Instagram, please use this form to submit:  MissionConnect Submission Form.


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