Dusty Robes – Life to Life Discipleship

The DNA of the NALC is to make disciples. As it has been said: “We should walk so close to the master, that we wear the dust of his footsteps upon our robes…”  This describes well what following our Lord Jesus ought to look like. In this chaotic and thorn-filled world, it is not difficult to be distracted and lulled away from intimacy with the Lover of our souls, to that of the world. It is always healthier and life-giving when we walk alongside each other in mutual edification and consolation. It is always better to have a fellow traveler with you. 

To this end, after much conversation, hard work, and prayer, the Life-to-Life Discipleship team has created an online Discipleship Guide Training model to be used in the NALC.  The goal is to create trained discipleship guides throughout the NALC, in order to be better prepared to disciple others. Our first cohort will begin training in June of 2021, and then those trained will be encouraged to train other cohorts throughout the NALC. This online training will be made available throughout our mission districts and to congregations. Mission Districts, pastors, leaders, and congregations will be encouraged to use Discipleship Guide in a variety of ways.  For example, the Discipleship Guide may be helpful:

  • to a pastor in recruiting a CREDO Learning Teams (CLT) 
  • for the purpose of learning, teaching, and modeling life-to-life discipleship within the congregation
  • in adapting the online model and manual for young adults
  • for our ministry partners for implementation in their own context
  • as we continue to work with seminarians
  • in creating a faithful, joyful disciple-making culture within our denomination.

In the next six-eight months, we will begin to launch other learning cohorts.  If you are interested in receiving more information or joining future online cohorts for training, please visit: https://airtable.com/shrUFNBtQWDVhHJIF

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