Congregations May Nominate Candidates for NALC Bishop

Congregations of the North American Lutheran Church have the opportunity to nominate pastors for the office of Bishop of the NALC.

According to the NALC Constitution, congregations are the primary source of nominees for Bishop. Congregations are encouraged to begin the process of discernment of who they might nominate for Bishop. Any NALC pastor may be nominated. 

Congregations decide how they will nominate candidates, but some formal action by the congregation or its council should be taken. A congregational meeting, such as an annual meeting, would be a good place to formalize any nominations coming from a congregation as it would involve as many members as possible.

To prepare for the nomination and election process for Bishop, the Executive Council provided a packet of information to congregations. The packet includes a booklet of prayers encouraging NALC members to engage in a year of prayer and discernment leading up to the election at the 2019 NALC Convocation Aug. 7-9 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Prayer in a Time of Discernment: A Resource for the Election of the Bishop of the North American Lutheran Church is available for download at Other information about the election process is also available online: Bishop’s Election Resources.

Bishop John Bradosky has announced that he will not accept nomination to a third term as Bishop when his term expires in 2019.


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