Bed Brigade Update

Our focus hasn’t changed… providing for people’s very tangible need for beds, while coming alongside them and offering hope and faith in Jesus.  We continue to send our delivery teams into the homes of the families in need.  This is exactly what sets us apart and gives us a unique opportunity to impact families for Christ.  Your service, donations and prayers allow us to continue to do that more and more.  

A few memorable deliveries:

  • We met a Muslim family… they were one of the warmest families we’ve delivered to.  It was a joy to be used by God to bless them and share some Bible storybooks along with the beds for the kids
  • For one home, we delivered the requested one bed for the boy in the house. Two adults and two kids were sharing one room with the kids on the floor.  The sister also didn’t have a bed and REALLY wanted one so we brought back a bed for the sister, too.  What made it all the more special was that the bed we gave her had a message with a Bible verse decorated on it, and she was so excited, that she was yelling to her friends outside to come see the message that was written for her.
  • A couple of the wives of our team members came along one Saturday, and there was a family in particular that the kids just loved.  These two women gave them extra attention.  Great big hugs before we left.  We so value having mom and grandma figures coming along on deliveries to add that extra special element to the interactions with the kids.
  • Last fall we delivered two beds for younger kids.  It was at the grandparents’ house.  The kids are living there now because both parents had overdosed on drugs.
  • We delivered to one home where the mom’s boyfriend was verbally abusive to her in our presence.  They had 5-6 kids of various ages.  They also had other extended family members living in the basement.

We are reminded over and over that many kids are growing up in homes and situations that are extremely challenging.  Our prayer is that we can be part of an impact that God is orchestrating to give these kids and families hope to reach for God, to choose love instead of violence, and to want to help others instead of take advantage of others.

For more information or to learn how you can be involved with Bed Brigade, please visit: The Great Commission Society.

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