A Future Of Hope – The Small and Rural Congregation


There is a prevailing attitude in some quarters, that if a church doesn’t worship many people, receive an adequate sum of offerings, or isn’t saturated with daily programming, that it is not a viable center for mission.

Some believe that if a congregation is aging and struggling to do ministry in communities which are declining, then it has little hope for the future. Sadly these thoughts and opinions are based on worldly standards rather that what the Holy Spirit is doing.  Small and rural churches are the backbone of the Christian community in the United States.  Whether these congregations are found in tiny towns, the middle of farmland, residential enclaves in suburbia or nestled within bustling cities, groups of dedicated individuals gather in mission, centered in Word and Sacrament, seeing ways to build relationships and reach out to neighbors.

Join us Tuesday, March 5th at 11 am EST.  Pre-registration for this webinar is required.  For additional details or to register, please visit:  The Academy – March 2019.

For additional details on panelists, our host, and other opportunities, please visit: The Academy.

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